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September 19, 1997

September 19, 1997

September 21, 1997

September 23, 1997

September 30, 1997

October 21, 1997

October 23, 1997

October 24, 1997

October 26, 1997

October 30, 1997

October 31, 1997

November 5, 1997

November 16, 1997

November 23, 1997

December 21, 1997

  Kohl named C.F. public safety director  

 Andersen taking first shot at elected office i...

  Safety director salary up for OK in C.F.

  Public safety director on way after C.F. Counc...

  Cedar Falls heart patients can rest easier

  Niedert says council could use new faces

  Havenstrite sees houses, fire station as top goals

  McKinney sees public safety as issue to follow

  C.F. incumbent, challengers believe cooperation ...

  Life initiating would serve Crews well in ret...

  Stachovic says he's more than ready to run on ...

  Cedar Falls backs Stachovic Beats Crews for...

  Safety director settles into new job

  Panel to scrutinize growing safety dispatch bu...

  Foster child started fire with matches ...



January 11, 1998

January 25, 1998

February 5, 1998

February 6, 1998

February 22, 1998

February 24, 1998

March 19, 1998

March 19, 1998

March 22, 1998

March 23, 1998

March 29, 1998

April 8, 1998

April 9, 1998

April 14, 1998

April 14, 1998

April 20, 1998

April 27, 1998

April 28, 1998

May 8, 1998

May 12, 1998

May 17, 1998

May 17, 1998

June 1, 1998

June 5, 1998

June 8, 1998

June 10, 1998

June 10, 1998

June 11, 1998

June 25, 1998

July 3, 1998

July 31, 1998

August 25, 1998

September 25, 1998

October 4, 1998

October 4, 1998

October 26, 1998

November 5, 1998

December 22, 1998

December 27, 1998



  Cedar Falls on verge of major self-improvement...

  Cedar Falls safety director finds resistance to change Police, firefighters say Jay Kohl would leave them short staffed, poorly utilized

  Weeding-out process for C.F. police job begins

  Hudson fire destroys dogs ....

  New C.F. budget seeks 6.5% more in property taxes

  Officials to crack down on liquor law violations

  Cedar Falls winnows field of police division director hopefuls

  Cedar Falls officials planning to fight fires ...

  Firefighters' duties are not only snuffing...

  New rules increase firefighter safety

  Officials vexed by temporary fire station closing

  Gunman wounds three in College Hill incident

  Next vehicle by Cedar Falls fire lanes may be tow truck

  C.F. firefighter bails out of job

  Fire union head raises questions on staffing

  Public Safety sticking by plans for new department logo

  Ahlstrom to lead Cedar Falls Police Department

  Ahlstrom sworn in as C.F. Police Department deputy director

  UNI offices cleared after gas smell reported in building

  Public Safety rearrangement gets approval

  Guest Opinion: Danger seen in Cedar Falls

  Guest Opinion: Changes improve service

  Firefighters detect support for safety program

  Letter lands C.F. officer in hot water

  Construction for the Cedar Falls City Hall add...

  Blaze set by foster child sparks dispute

 Support shown for officer under the gun

  Editorial: More talking less posturing needed in C.F.

  Officer won't be disciplined over letter

  Jay Kohl a finalist for job in Carolina

  Olson gets public safety position in Cedar Falls

  If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at City Hall

  Dorm blaze forces evacuation at UNI

  City to hire four firefighters

  Police to beef up patrol division by six

  Cedar Falls public safety head victim of burglary

  City pumping more funds into fire station

  Police officer facing penalty Bond appealing 30-day suspension handed down by superiors

  Top ten stories of 1998

January 5, 1999

January 14, 1999

January 19, 1999

January 22, 1999

January 24, 1999

February 11, 1999

February 26, 1999

March 2, 1999

March 9, 1999

March 22, 1999

May 7, 1999

May 10, 1999

June 3, 1999

June 14, 1999

July 6, 1999

August 10, 1999

August 11, 1999

August 22, 1999

August 23, 1999

August 23, 1999

August 31, 1999

September 8, 1999

September 12, 1999

September 12, 1999

September 14, 1999

October 3, 1999

October 12, 1999

October 18, 1999

October 18, 1999

October 20, 1999

October 21, 1999

October 22, 1999

October 25, 1999

October 26, 1999

October 27, 1999

October 28, 1999

October 29, 1999

October 31, 1999

October 3, 1999

November 3, 1999

November 3, 1999

November 2, 1999

November 4, 1999

November 4, 1999

November 15, 1999

November 19, 1999

November 24, 1999

December 1, 1999

December 13, 1999

December 27, 1999

December 30, 1999

  Ex-C.F. officer says problems need attention Former police captain says public safety administrators, city officials fail to acknowledge corrosive atmosphere

  'Terptanic' ready to ride to rescue in shocking situations

  Commission to hear out C.F. officer at Thursday meeting

 C.F. officer's suspension for rudeness scaled back

  Editorial:  Truth may be out there in Cedar Falls

  Officer: Morale problems could drain force

  Smith to seek C.F. mayor post

  Newcomer joins mayor race in C.F.

  C.F. officers honored for valor

 C.F. councilman's son dies after high-speed accident

  Article: Kolpek targets Public Safety agency in C.F. Council bid

 Crews concerned about public safety department

  Mayor: Dispatch needs more support

  Public Safety emphasis is on prevention 

  Cedar Falls mayoral candidates spar over Public Safety issue

  C.F. police, firefighter safety fears aired

 Editorial: Taxpayers are best served by open debate

  C.F. Public Safety flap won't die

  Editorial: Battle for hearts and souls

  Editorial: C.F. public safety forum overdue

  Public safety forum draws crowd in C.F. 

  C.F. says fire staffing levels non-negotiable

  Article: C.F. officers injured on short-handed shift

  Pfalzgraf, Rider running again for their seat...

  Public safety issue boils over after meeting

  C.F. safety director leaving post

  C.F. Council urged to put hold on Public Safety

  Editorial: How would Andy handle situation? (Courier Archive)

  Brown carries Public Safety banner into C.F. Council race

  Council bid by Kolpek aimed at Public Safety 

  Council hopeful Turner has his priorities in place

 Differences arise among city's mayoral candidates

 Crews hoping to build on his accomplishments

  Hassman wants to make less out of mayor's job

  Maxson taking on a challenge in bid for mayor

  Smith had eye on mayor's post at an early date

 Acting C.F. public safety director named

 Public Safety Department a major issue in Cedar Falls elections

 Public Safety advocates ousted in Cedar Falls City Council

   Public Safety advocates ousted in Cedar Falls City Council vote Two incumbents lose as Kolpek beats Brown, Turner defeats Rider

  Smith, Crews headed for runoff vote Cedar Falls mayor's race up for grabs

  Lots riding on vote in Cedar Falls Contested races, fight over Public Safety fuel heavy early turnout.

Editorial: C.F. mayoral candidates need to crunch ...

  Cedar Falls voters came out in large numbers

 Editorial: Serious business in election

  Cedar Falls mayoral candidates face off 

  Runoff candidates share visions for Cedar Falls

  Voters choose Crews in C.F.

  Editorial: Wake me when it's over

  Sparks fly when UNI transformer blows up

  Door shuts at City Hall Outgoing mayor, council members look back on service in Cedar Falls

January 4, 2000

January 11, 2000

January 12, 2000

March 27, 2000

April 24, 2000

May 14, 2000

June 28, 2000

July 11, 2000

July 17, 2000

July 18, 2000

July 25, 2000

August 8, 2000

November 7, 2000

November 14, 2000

  Crews must confront Public Safety issue 

 Cedar Falls Public Safety Department will disband

Editorial: New C.F. council acts on safety agency, but devil will ...

  Mayor appoints popular captain as acting public safety director

  Cedar Falls Beat Project a good addition

  Article:  Officials still wrestle with C.F. Public Safety

  Cedar Falls closer to splitting its Public Safety Department

  Public Safety issue still roils in Cedar Falls

  Slow down Public Safety fast track

  Public Safety breakup will spur lawsuits in Cedar Falls

  C.F. Council dismantles Public Safety on 6-1 vote

  C.F. Council wants final say on chiefs

  C. F. City Council to officially dissolve Public Safety Department

  Council approves job descriptions  

May 30, 2001

May 30, 2001


  Leaf fire ban talk takes on new life

  Dispatch system defection mulled

October 21, 2003   In response Some of the points retired fire captain ...






































































































































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