EDACS Programming Info
Black Hawk County Consolidated Dispatch

(used to setup Pro-94 scanners)

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The information contained here is believed to be current and accurate. The information does vary from the instruction manual in that mistakes were made in the logical order listings in the Pro-94 guide book. Any use of this information is as is. Use of a scanner for illegal purposes is strictly illegal and the divulging of information obtained via a scanner may also be an illegal activity.

Black Hawk County

GE Edacs Analog

Consolidated system owned by Racom, operated by Black Hawk County SO

Agencies Ė Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County, Raymond, Gilbertville,

Dunkerton, Hudson, Evansdale

Waterloo Site #1











* these are in logical channel numbering order

Cedar Falls Site #2











* these are in logical channel numbering order

South County #3






NOTE: Program each "site" into its own bank, i.e.. program site #1 into bank #1, site #2 into bank #2 and site #3 into bank #3. Also make sure to program the above frequencies in the EXACT ORDER that they are listed above.


Setting up Talk groups into list format

The book instructions start on page 53.

Use different banks to store different lists of group IDís that you want to monitor.

This provides a way to select just those areas of interest.

This may be just fire in one, just police in another, or a mix for a certain community.



Talk group IDís

All local system numbers start as 13- xxx

* TG can only by heard on the CF site

** TG can only be heard on Waterloo site

13-121 Law Ops 1

13-127 Law Ops 2

13-132 Info

13-113 Regional Car to Car

13-114 Black Hawk Co Car to Car

13-115 Cedar Falls Car to Car

13-116 Evansdale Car to Car

13-117 Waterloo Car to Car

13-131 Mutual Aid

13-084 LEA

13-151 Jail Ops

13-064 Waterloo Tac **

13-065 Cedar Falls Tac *

13-123 Fire Ops 1

13-106 Fire Ops 2

13-133 Fire Info

13-124 Cedar Falls Page * (may also be heard on 154.145)

13-125 Waterloo Page

13-126 County Fire Page

13-105 Waterloo Fire Car to Car **

13-136 Waterloo Fire Tac **

13-137 Waterloo Fire Tac **

13-061 Cedar Falls Fire Tac *

13-144 Sartori ER

13-053 Covenant EMS Page

13-143 Covenant ER

13-142 Allen ER



Radio Call Numbers

First Digit denotes unitís agency

Second Digit denotes unitís type

Third digit denotes unit number

1 Dunkerton

2 Evansdale

3 Waterloo

A=Administrator, B=Bike Unit, C=Captain, D=Detective, E=East Ward,

F    , G=General Car, H    , I=CIS / Evidence Unit, J    , K=Supervisor,

L=Liaison / School, M=Motorcycle Unit, N=North Ward, O=Downtown Units

P=Civil Processing, Q    , R    , S=South Ward, T=Transport, U    ,

V=Community Service Officer, W=West Ward, X    , Y=Special assignment

Z=Reserve Unit


4 Gilbertville

5 Cedar Falls   
Police:    "5 Sam 2" would be Cedar Falls, supervisor, unit 2;
                   "5 King 1" would be a Cedar Falls Canine Unit

Fire and EMS: 501 - 504 are Engines, 520's are cars, 530's ambulances,
    540's rescue units, 550 tankers, 560's Brush Units, 570's Water craft, 580's Haz Mat

6 Hudson

7 Black Hawk County Sheriff

8 LaPorte City

9 Raymond

Any Help on the above agency / unit code would be appreciated! Special thanks goes to others who helped me get my Pro-94 setup started correctly.

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